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KUBBUR Minecraft Hosting

KUBBUR aims to provide unrivaled Minecraft hosting with top of the line features whilst beating the competition in features and pricing. From budget plans at €1 / GB of memory to €2 / GB extreme dedicated plans, where CPU cores are not shared, KUBBUR beats all major competitors at their game with not only top of the line pricing but also lower minimum plans. Where one provider may only offer 10GB of memory for a given CPU KUBBUR will offer that same plan at lower pricing with a minimum plan of say 4GB.

For enquiries write to [email protected] or call +44 204-577 1433 (Mon-Fri at 9:00 - 22:00).

Website www.kubbur.com.


Although currently inactive, IceVM is a VPS hosting brand which until the creation of KUBBUR also sold Minecraft servers. IceVM's aim is to provide hyperaffordable DDoS protected Virtual Servers for running a variety of technologies. Additionally IceVM is used as a sort of "cloud" brand, leasing out dedicated servers in various locations and soon expanding into web hosting.

For enquiries write to [email protected]..

Website www.icevm.co.uk (orders inactive).

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